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23rd October 2012

How to Host a Party That Will Leave Your Guests Flabbergasted

Having a good time at a party certainly doesn't revolve around eating and drinking. Yet imagine a party with nothing to eat or drink; you know something's missing. Food and water make up the two most basic needs, if you don't satisfy them, you're not goin...

22nd June 2011

When Painting In Oils, What Preparation Is Needed For Supports?

The support you use for painting in oils on can be either a timber product, a board product (like MDF), plywood or canvass. These all have their individual advantages and disadvantages. Priming Supports But supports for oil paintings in general ne...

03rd May 2011

Skin Care for Teenagers Is Important and Vital

Skin care is important, but it's especially important if you're a teenager. During the teen years, there is more responsibility to the persons. It is the perfect age for teenagers to take care of the skin. What will normally happen are poor habits when it...

10th March 2011

Importance of Education in Children

Education is an important part of any child's life. By getting a quality education, we can better ensure that our children will be successful in the future. Today, America is more of a service and technology industry than a physical labor economy. Henc...

12th January 2011

Bridal Makeup Artist

The wedding day is a very special day not only for the couple to be married but also to their family and loved ones. Most often, the bride is the center of attention during the wedding day so she has to look her best. The wedding gown, the hair, the makeu...

11th December 2010

3 Mobile Deals - A Good Foundation for Connectivity Aspects

Wanting to maintain long distance relations, then mobiles with good connectivity services are the ideal source to hold relationships together. 3 Mobile Deals are a good foundation for connectivity aspects. They are offers perfect for those individuals who...

25th October 2010

Cosmetic Surgery create a culture of physical perfection

Breast enhancement or ‘augmentation’ is still the most popular Cosmetic Surgery procedure for women. It is more commonly known as a ‘boob job’ and basically involves increasing the size of the breasts. Women have traditionally been judged on their bodies ...

24th June 2010

Fast Acne Solutions

I'm sure like me it has happened way too often for you as well. When I am getting ready for a big even….then I feel it. A sore area on my skin. I think and hope that the next day it will be gone but once the big day arrives to my dismay, I wake up a...

03rd August 2009

Windows to your soul - Eye makeup tips

Windows to your soul - Eye makeup tips Here are some eye make up tips you can use. These are things I have learnt over years of working as a professional make up artist. I believe it is every woman's privilege to enhance her beauty by properly applying...

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