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04th July 2011

Corporation Tax 2011/12 Beginner's Guide & Tax Rates

This is where you can learn all about Corporation Tax – what it is, the rates, who needs to do it, what you need to do for it, submCorporation Tax 2011/12itting online, what an ‘accounting period’ is, and how to work out your taxable profits. Corporati...

14th April 2011

The know how of the Tax calculators

By reena in Taxes
Tax is the part of the money you earn is deducted for the country . The tax is of different types that is some might be when you are shopping some might be on your products of import some might be on the items you are getting from foreign land or may be a...

16th March 2011

How 0845 Numbers Can Instantly Improve Your Business

0845 numbers work well in helping a business improve all its telephone interconnections. An 0845 number works with your existing landline. Since these new numbers are so convenient for all parties, it encourages more interactions between the business, ...

31st May 2010

6 Pros and Cons of Value Added Taxes

Since we have been hearing so much about a Federal VAT over the past few years, I wanted to take a minute to review some of the largest pros and cons of such a tax with all of my blog readers. PRO: Increased Revenue Obviously, the largest benefit of...

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