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25th July 2011

Incrementing Your Cosmetic Packaging Business with Ideal Processes

It is a challenging situation for sellers as they have to fulfill the demands and conditions set by the consumer and distributorsin order to survive in the market. Customers do not hesitate to condone any item that fails to meet their standards or produce...

21st January 2011

The Advantages of Coconut Oil

There are many natural and organic substances that are used in health and beauty products and treatments. While essential oils such as chamomile or lanolin have properties that can improve your appearance, there is little that can compare to pure virgin ...

02nd December 2010

Brian Wainstein: Spice Up Your Diet

Brian Wainstein of GenXXL - : Spice Up Your Diet. Many of us know about the great health benefits of garlic, ginger, and onions, but how many know about dried spices? In 2009, spices were added to the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid because of their amazing h...

02nd March 2010

Active Manuka Honey UK style

A UK company has gone into the production of Manuka honey and has produced it's first batch and has already sold out despite it's £55 per 113gm price tag. The Cornish company has been growing and cultivating the Manuka bush in the UK since 1888 and sinc...

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