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31st October 2011

What Makes A Great Logo Design?

A logo is an important part of your business identity and your brand. The logo design process is different for every designer but there are certain elements that all successful logos and logo designs have in common. As unique as each businesses' logo is...

24th May 2011

TVI Review - Is it For Real?

o Fashion Tips: Appeal to your fashionable customers by providing smart fashion tips on your clothing hang tags. For instance, you can include style inspiration from famous fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Twiggy, and Jackie O. Customers who look up to ...

06th May 2011

Promotional Items

There are many different kinds of marketing strategies, and using items to promote your brand is one of them. Many companies have chosen to use products to help represent them. Some of these companies use more direct methods while some use more indirect m...

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