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14th July 2010

Garage Bike Racks - Designs to Fit Your Space

Garage bike racks are a great way to save space in what often times becomes our most cluttered area. There are different styles of garage bicycle storage units, some keep your bike resting on the floor and others use unique and easy lifting devices to kee...

23rd June 2010

The Advantages of a DIY Solar Power System

Fear of global warming is causing everyone to turn "green" in any way they can. We are all currently contributing to environmental deterioration in one way or another. The lessening of environmental integrity has a negative effect on our health especially...

24th May 2010

Kid's Bathroom Tips

Bathroom Storage Systems Add a hook for your kid's towel or bathrobe, and these storage systems will help keep the bathroom neat and the bath products nice and dry, ensuring they last longer. Kid's Bathroom Accessories Rubber duckies make bath time f...

01st December 2009

Dollars, Cents, and Gigawatts: Online Tools Bind Great Power and Great Responsibility

42's Data Center Calculators illustrate the dramatic cost and carbon savings through efficiency efforts. IBM has built an extensive marketing campaign around "on-demand." Though the slogan has been more directed at their business patrons, the concept has...

11th September 2009

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Power

In this day and age, pretty much everyone knows that we need to start focusing on renewable sources of energy and solar power is one of the most talked about. Of course, it’s no surprise since using the power of the sun has been around in some form ...

29th May 2009

Innovation Keeps Mobilux On Top With Mobile Storage Systems

Innovation is the quality that keeps companies on top of their respective industries over the long term and in the office storage systems industry a Thai company has been leading the way for years now. Tellus Systems Ltd., located in Bangkok, has continua...

31st March 2009

Schools in China

Whilst teaching methods may be different, classes very much bigger (60 or more) and pupils spend a very long day in a Chinese middle school I found the facilities and equipment in some inner city schools way ahead of many schools that I've seen elsewhere....

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