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02nd May 2012

Divorce lawyer Gratifies the Separation Process

As per divorce lawyer, at the time of making decision for registering a petition that enables them to get separated from each other; then, it is essential for them to know all formalities involved. On being able to agree over the terms of the divorce, inc...

11th October 2011

Schaumburg Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Survive Your Divorce

The process can be long and arduous and it is imperative that all parties understand everything that is going on. If you are planning to file for divorce or are just entering the process, you need to hire Schaumberg divorce attorneys to protect your best ...

06th April 2011

Filing Proceedure For A No Fault Divorce

When marriage ends, It is never an easy thing when a no fault divorce is the path to be taken. Divorce is usually a complicated and demanding procedure. The couple is not the only people affected when this happens. There will be emotional tidal waves for ...

31st March 2011

Are you and Your Partner Heading For A Divorce?

Many people think that happiness will come their way the instant their divorce is finalized. The truth is far from that. For most married couples, Divorce brings with it anxiety, depression and loneliness. You might think that all you need is to get a...

11th March 2011

Protecting Your Rights During Child Support And Custody Cases

Issues involving children are among the most vital issues within the realm of family law. How divorcing couples and the courts determine such issues as child custody and child support will go a long way in determining the well-being of the children in q...

12th February 2010

The Good Divorce

The "good divorce" is not an oxymoron. The simple truth is that while there are bad divorces, there are also good ones. And it's never too late to have a good divorce. My older daughter got married twenty-five years after her father and I divorced. A lar...

12th January 2010

Changing Child Custody In Child Joint Custody Situations

The first thing that must be recognised is that changing child custody arrangements is a relatively straightforward process provided one thing exists - the agreement of both parents. It simply involves coming to an agreement with your former partner an...

25th August 2009

Rhode Island Attorney General files for divorce

PROVIDENCE -- Patrick Lynch evidently wants to tie up a loose end or two before he runs for governor of Rhode Island. The state's Attorney General is getting a divorce from his estranged wife, Christin, from whom he reportedly separated in 2004. The Lync...

11th August 2009

What is a Joint Custody Agreement in Joint Custody of Children?

A joint custody, or shared custody agreement, is when split parents decide to take joint responsibility for the raising of their children. There is joint physical custody, where the child will alternate between physical homes, and joint legal custody, whe...

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