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14th December 2010

Happy Hour : Enjoy Your Evening

People are always busy with their routine task without getting some time free in between. In fact if they remain lazy all through out they won’t be able to reach the target within the specified time limit and this can drastically affect the performance le...

25th November 2010

Revolution Brought by the Present Generation

People are now-a-days changing their life style completely. With the busy schedules they are not able to find ample time to spend for their family and for their personal activities. There is a total twist in the way of living and all these changes are due...

18th November 2010

Happy Hour : Latest Way of Entertainment

The days are very stressful to most of the individual while moving through the busy life. People hardly find time to mingle with others. All the old memories of the school and college days always remain as fading moments in the mind. There are many projec...

18th July 2010

A Relation Not Born Out Of Blood

Friend... what is the true meaning of it? How did this relation came into existence? Well these are some of the questions which we can feel but cannot express in words. People have tried to give their views and their feelings in different ways... the feel...

18th November 2009

7 ways to spice up your Monday night

Monday is always the worst working day of the week. The weekend is over with and now all you have to look forward to is four more long days of work, until you can enjoy next weekend. It really is a vicious cycle. Just getting through your Monday without l...

02nd November 2009

An epicurean delight at Drift

Thankfully the approach to Drift is way off as far as portents go; for nestled in the heart of Gurgaon is one of the finest lounge experiences that you'd most likely miss. Epicentre's Drift is a gastronomical flying carpet that wouldn't think twice before...

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