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17th April 2012

How To Take Pictures

You should know bearings wisdom appears moment photos and how it works. Sharpness appears credit the core of the picture and the lens most often. Then, evident starts distorting when present approaches the camera frame’s outer edges. In most situations, ...

07th September 2011

How To Cut Your Own Hair

The layered hair cut is one of the most popular hair styles and can be done with any type of hair whether it is short, medium, straight, curly or wavy. Follow these steps to learn how to cut hair in layers. Shampoo and condition your hair, dry with a tow...

15th March 2011

Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Case for iPad: review

The Nude Beauty leather iPad case from Aligata is known as a book-style leather case which usually gets its name it could be that to the fact that it is packaged in a flesh-tone beige color. Similar to a book, its front flap covers the iPads complete fron...

28th February 2011

The Secrets of Looking Natural

If you think that it is impossible to look natural when you apply make up on your face then think again. It is possible, believe me. You only need three things. First is the right make up product or cosmetic. The second is the right tools that you use whe...

26th November 2009

How does the iphone work?

As you may be aware, iPhone is a cellular phone created by Apple. The device combines an iPod music/video player, a cell phone, an internet web and email client, and a handheld application platform. The iPhone 3GS (2009) has up to 32 GB of storage space f...

05th September 2009

Tips to Make your Eyes Beautiful

It is well known: eyes are the window of the soul. It seems our eye beauty is unadorned, but this is not always the case. Sometimes it is better to whitewash something and to make some accents. You know it is easy to guess a person age by wrinkled or brig...

20th March 2009

The Nokia N79 is well-built all over

The Nokia N79 candybar smartphone features the standard numeric keypad, with a small array of S60 navigational buttons. The front of the phone is white plastic (there is a grey version also available) with a clear shiny layer on top, to catch fingerprints...

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