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26th May 2011

It’s a Colorful World: The Meaning of Color Across Borders

As children, we are often asked “what’s your favorite color?” We believed that our color choice says a lot about who we are, and that the questioner will immediately understand its meaning. But colors, like words, do not carry universal meaning. We al...

16th March 2011

Western History As Relating To Islam

Islam was always considered an Eastern religion and one that not too many people knew much about until recently when it comes to Western history. In the Western cultures, Christianity was considered the most common religion, with different facets of this...

17th January 2011

Play it Smart and Reface Your Cabinets

For most people around the world, especially for those coming from western cultures, the kitchen is not only the place where the food is prepared, it is also the place where the whole family reunites after the day to converse and to bond. And so it should...

04th January 2011

Kuwaiti Customs

Kuwaiti culture and customs have become less rigid and more like Western cultures over the years. However, the culture is still generally traditional. Some Kuwaiti’s expect visitors to behave to their customs while others accept that they may not understa...

25th November 2009

Refined Carbohydrates and Sugar - Enemy # 1 for Weight Loss

Ever since humans switched from nomads and their hunter-gatherings roles, to that of an agrarian-based society, western cultures have looked to the carbohydrate as a primary food staple. For example, an average person in America cannot envision a day with...

02nd November 2009


Painting is an art of using pigments, paints and colors on the surface. The surfaces which are used for painting are paper, wood, lacquer, clay and canvas. Anything could be depicted or expressed through painting. The painting can be either natural o...

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