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05th October 2011

Eco Friendly and Recycled Present Ideas

These days discovering the right gift item is quite difficult. One fantastic gift item that I have been using is the Eco Friendly and Recycled gift items such as large reused table placemats, recycled sundials, garden walls clocks, interior and our doorwa...

20th June 2011

American Recycling Technologies - New Ways In Recycling Waste Materials

It is for the reason that when the present era utilizes the assets extra efficiently by reusing them and converting them into more recent merchandise, they are conserving the consumptions of the all-natural sources which will be so rendered out there for ...

04th May 2011

Commercial Foodservice Supplies at Wholesale Prices

Restaurateurs look to offer high quality service, while doing all they can to cut their costs. Buying commercial foodservice supplies at wholesale prices saves time and money, and ensures that they can achieve their goals without compromising on quality. ...

20th January 2011

Logo items and the company person

Multiple business representatives have discovered that a efficient way to market their company is through logo items. These products which are typically inexpensive to spend and to customize, are a effective way to get the company's name and representatio...

17th January 2011

Pottery and Ceramics Lessons

Did you know that there are several ways to go about making things for people? You can get fused glass supplies and do it the classy way, or you can do the boring way that everyone expects. Imagine giving people coffee cups mugs as gifts but instead of ce...

12th November 2010

Promotional Gifts That Give Back A promo keepsake

Promotional Gifts That Give Back A promo keepsake is more than just a treat to the receiver. It's a gift to the giver too. When a organization hands out promotional solutions to customers or employees, they secure inexpensive advertising throughout the ye...

18th June 2010

Starbucks Makes Controversial Choices About Recycling

Starbucks is the all-American coffee giant, so you think that they would be on board with the latest eco-friendly advancements, right? You may have to think again because Starbucks recently denied the request of customers to improve the recycling habits o...

02nd June 2010

Holding Hands

My husband Paul's hands had a fine,firm feeling:warm, never cold,never moist, their slight pressure always reassuring. And whenever those hands sought mine in the final days of his life,he pressed them both together around one of my hands. It was during ...

05th November 2009

Waste Bins: To Keep the Environment Clean and Green

Keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of all regardless of age, class or gender. Have you ever spared a thought about the utility of waste bins? If there weren't the waste bins around, our world would be a dirty and polluted place where it w...

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