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25th May 2011

Facts about Climate Change

Climate change is a change in weather conditions where it may take place for hundreds of years; the basis of the change is measured with the average global temperature within a whole century. A variable of 1 centigrade is not much when you hear but in rea...

04th May 2011

watch water for elephants online

Water for Elephants is an amazing movie that you have to watch. Its plot is really interesting. Just imagine a love story in a circus. In the following paragraphs we are going to talk about the plot in details. You will witness an amazing journey in a ci...

07th December 2009

Beta Ray Bill

One of the most unique characters in comics history is Beta Ray Bill. At least, he's one of the most unique fan favorites in comics history. Beta Ray Bill fans can rejoice again. He has his own mini-series starting this month in Marvel Comics. The six...

05th November 2009

Big Mistakes in Miniature Paintings

do a good job. So with this in mind, I dove right in and painted my very first miniatures ever. As in right out of the box with absolutely no clue whatsoever. The result looked something like a cross between a cheap plastic souvenir and a Kindergarten ...

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