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09th September 2011

Botox: Its Benefits and Relative Ease

So you want to look younger and fresh beyond your years can tell. Clearly, who doesn’t want to look younger and have that baby-faced appearance after all those years of stress and hard work? Who doesn’t want to discover that mythical fountain of youth? ...

22nd June 2011

Why Oil Paintings Need Varnishing

Varnishing unfinished oil painting is an essential rather than an option, and that for at least three reasons: 1. to protect the paint and surface of the picture; prevent dirt and other atmospheric pollutants degenerating the image. help i...

01st April 2011

Green Terms

Today's society is growing more aware of our affect on the environment. As a result, companies are producing items designed to help instead of harm the earth. However, along with this comes a plethora of new terms. While people in these industries may be ...

16th March 2011

Six Essential Laminating Accessories

A laminator is an excellent tool for creating, protecting, and preserving a wide variety of materials. From small ID making machines up to large roll laminators, they can coat just about anything flat and preserve it for years to come. Several tools are a...

10th January 2011

Beauty Salon Air Cleaners---7 Features That Make Salon Air Purifiers Effective

The atmosphere in beauty salons can become hazardous pretty quickly. Fumes from hair and nail products can off-gas chemical fumes and odors that range from unpleasant to unhealthy. You can insure effective filtration by choosing the following 7 features...

09th August 2010

Forests Do Much More for the Planet than Locking Up Carbon Dioxide

Copyright (c) 2010 Alison Withers We often blame commercial interests in the conflict about what is best for the environment and the planet but perhaps we should take some of the responsibility ourselves. Commercial organisations exist to respond to...

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