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08th February 2013

Use An Ice Cart To Start Your Own Business

If, maybe you would like to start your own enterprise and have some available investment capital, what about considering purchasing you very own Italian Ice cart. For several reasons, starting your own business is advisable. First, suddenly you become y...

30th March 2011

Getting a divorce? Consider Making a Visit to a Divorce Financial Planner Your First Step

There is no standard model for divorce, but traditionally when a couple decides to start the process they both consult, and then hire, their respective family law attorneys. The reason that most people start with a lawyer is that they feel they need to i...

06th January 2011

Tax preparation software

More than 3 million people will have to wait until February to get their tax refunds because of Congress' late fix to the alternative minimum tax, according to the IRS. Mr. Taxman is knocking on our doors again. Where to find some good tips to get the ...

18th December 2009

Stepping up to Protect Your Children Financially Before the Papers Are Signed

There's no doubt about it; when children are involved, divorce gets more complicated. Hopefully both parents will feel the responsibility of making sure their children's future is secure in every way possible. Once the smoke clears, and you've negotiated ...

07th December 2009

Alberta Divorce

Alberta Divorce Finances will provide invaluable assistance to matrimonial lawyers and mediators. Alberta Divorce Finances will help lawyers quantify, clarify and identify clients' financial situation. We will help by explaining the tax implications of va...

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