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17th March 2011

Juvena of Switzerland – Skin Nova™ Stem-cell Technology

Juvena is a Swiss skin care luxury brand. The company has been producing these types of products for more than fifty years. Their continuing drive towards improving the quality of their skin care lines has made Juvena of Switzerland one of the most truste...

11th March 2011

Plastic Surgery Information May Have You Look At Life Differently

This branch of medicine is often associated with cosmetic purposes. In fact, most procedures are reconstructive of nature, with the restoration of function as the main aim. The victims of severe burns also benefit greatly from this type of operation. The ...

29th October 2010

Ease Soreness Faster with a Massage

Have you ever had a massage? Have you ever contemplated it? If you have had one, you'll know about all the benefits that come with it. If not, heres something you need to know. Massage is by no means anything new. It dates back to ancient cultures. Record...

20th October 2010

Things You Should Know About Cauliflower

What are cauliflowers? Unlike what the name suggests, cauliflower is not a flower, it is a vegetable. But to be honest, the name can be a little confusing if you are new to it. Cauliflower is just one out of the many vegetables that are related to the ...

09th November 2009

Giclee Printing

Giclee (pronounced gee-clay) comes from a French word meaning to spray or squirt liquid. When used in terms of printing it refers to a technique of reproducing an image that is usually associated with works of fine art. The process of giclee printing is ...

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