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17th March 2011

Recycling CFLs

Everybody has it happen now and then; a light bulb burns out in your home. What do you do? If you have a CFL bulb, you do not want to throw it in the trash. Instead, recycle it. Why should we recycle our CFL bulbs? First, CFL bulbs have mercury in them...

17th May 2010

Eco-Friendly Light Bulbs

Whether for environmental concerns or for the money-saving aspect, more and more people are choosing to use energy-efficient products. Amongst these products are a relatively new product called compact fluorescent (or CFL) light bulbs. What are CFL light ...

26th April 2010

Do Your Bit for the Environment – Conserve Electricity and Save Energy

Technological progress has resulted in the development of various gadgets that have made it possible for us to make use of a number of conveniences. However, there has been a price to pay as electricity consumption has gone through the roof. In fact, t...

14th June 2009

Green Products - A Necessity

‘Green products' is a term which is quickly gaining popularity. It implies products that are environment-friendly and safeguard human health. The product ingredients are healthy and non-toxic. There are numerous green cleaning products available in the ...

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