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01st June 2011

Mirror Rose

Mirror Rose is a truly stimulating visual experience! This piece incorporates many contrasting colors and diverse sets of lines that make it very visually appealing. It uses bold, rounded lines that keep the mind moving across the canvas as well as soft b...

22nd March 2011

Make your Broken Snow Globe Good as New through the Snow Globe Repair Expert

Yuletide season has ended. Surely you’ve enjoyed some good times having parties at home with family and friends, exchanging gifts and creating new and exciting memories with them. However, you might have encountered slight problems such as a broken snow g...

22nd March 2010

5 Fun Science Toys for Tots

It's amazing how from a very young age some children seem to have a natural interest in certain objects or subjects. Honing in on these interests is a great way, not only to connect with your kids, but also to help them learn. Play time is probably one of...

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