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18th May 2011

A Guide to Buying the Best Diamonds

When buying your diamond it would be very easy to be swayed by the sparkle and light that emanates from every stone. Even the most inferior stone has a sparkle, but it is not until you are in the presence of sheer quality that you can see the difference...

10th November 2010

Find a Telephone Number Details Over Internet

A question similar to "who owns this phone number?" may take months to answer if you not succeed to make use of the right techniques. As a subject of fact, the reverse lookup service can be carried out by anybody; and that is huge news for everybody! No m...

18th July 2010

What Makes Tweet Idol The Best Twitter Application For The Indian Tweeples?

Twitter has come up as the latest tradition of the world which people are following quite religiously. Different people have different feelings for this newly formed tradition. Some revere it, some adore it, some find it cool, and some simply can't live ...

04th June 2010

Statement regarding firing attempt on Sri Sri’s convoy

May 30, 2010: An unidentified assailant shot at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's convoy as he was leaving from a public Satsang at around 7:00 pm on Sunday in Bangalore. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was unhurt. The bullet missed Sri Sri but struck an Art of Living member's...

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