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18th May 2012

Organic Farming Improves the Taste of Our Food - Organic Farming Advantages

The potential of contemporary organic farming is greatly unrealized, but local and organic food markets are arriving at a point of transition. The ascent of organic farming has been driven by small, independent producers and also by consumers. The organic...

06th April 2011

What Everyone Ought To Know On Easy Composting

Composting usually starts in the kitchen, it is a very important part of organic farming. It uses organic food and plant wastes to create compost which is very healthy and beneficial for the garden soil. Composting in the kitchen starts with collecting al...

25th February 2011

All About Aromatherapy Essential Oils

In aromatherapy Lemon essential oil has an amazingly wide range of uses. The lemon conjures up images of freshness and cleanliness and sunshine and lemonade. Storage of essential oils is important. Oils come in dark coloured glass bottles (amber, or blue ...

23rd September 2010

Making Eco conservation profitable

Eco conservation continues to be a major concern gripping the world community 'Green' just does not denote a colour but has come to signify life, conserving nature and saving earth. While the government's role in eco conservation is largely limited to reg...

03rd June 2010

Biodynamics and Permaculture

BioDynamics Biodynamics is part of Anthroposophy, the system developed by Rudolf Steiner. According to this method of Organic Farming, all farms are individual organisms. BD emphasises balancing the interrelationship of plants, animals, soil etc with ...

08th September 2009

Encouraging Green Investments

Our planet is our home, practicing an eco-friendly life style and promoting green business is the only way to build a greener environment. Shifting our focus towards eco-friendly living and protecting our environment is a positive step towards sustainabil...

10th July 2009

“Rudolf Steiner” in Relation to Biodynamics

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, architect, esotericist, educator and social thinker born in the early 1861 and died in the early 1925. Steiner achieved initial acknowledgment as a cultural philosopher and literary reviewer. After the First Wor...

01st July 2009

Why is the life in your soil so important?

The entire food production system depends for its viability on healthy soil. Healthy soil produces the healthy crops that give nourishment to people. Organic farming is intimately related to the concept of soil health because its advocates have always bel...

22nd April 2009

Spiritual Tourism IV - Heavens on Earth

The Mystic Village that is Maitreyi The ancient Seer-Poets of India communed with Nature, communed with the Infinite and their collective wisdom came to be known as the Vedas. It is said that the Vedas are Sruthi, that is th...

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