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28th March 2011

Mineral Cosmetics VS Traditional Cosmetics

Mineral Cosmetics VS Traditional Cosmetics Mineral make-up has been around for more than thirty years already. However, it is only recently that mineral cosmetics boomed into the beauty market. But what exactly is mineral make-up? Mineral make-...

17th August 2010

Handmade soap is a natural, enjoyable alternative to mass produced cleansers.

Next time you're thinking that soaps handmade from all-natural ingredients in the old-fashioned way are too expensive, think a moment about the hidden costs in those cheaper, mass-produced products. You'll likely come to the conclusion that a little ex...

29th March 2010

Why You Have To Choose Afterglow Organic Cosmetics

Why You Have To Choose Afterglow Organic Cosmetics Afterglow Cosmetics is a cosmetics company that provides organic beauty products and mineral makeup. They create their line of products not only to improve the beauty of the women but also to encourag...

11th January 2010

Organic Cosmetics: Afterglow and Other Organic Cosmetics Companies

The health and beauty industry is constantly growing each year with lines of cosmetics and body products being sold in today's world market. This is because women from all over the world use cosmetics in order to bring out the beauty and color of their a...

09th July 2009

Natural Mineral Makeup

While natural mineral makeup may be a relative neophyte in the centuries-old cosmetics industry, it is has certainly taken the market by storm. Natural mineral makeup continues to enjoy an explosive presence in the market because it offers an alternative...

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