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11th November 2011

Battlefield 3- Bad Company 2 Hints

It has long been the good old days "days of Battlefield 2, in addition to its absence, Call of Duty originated also said the first-person shooter crown. Developers DICE have responded with a worthy competitor, but is usually good enough to be able to hit ...

24th February 2011

An appeal to the Filipino people

Greetings of Peace! In the middle of the raging controversies that our country is facing, one glaring truth cannot simply be ignored. There is a brewing tension between good and evil and I believe now is the time to for a baptized Catholic and a Christian...

16th February 2011

Call of Duty 4 Lags - Learn How to Fix It

Quite a few end users described that immediately after they experienced started out Call of Duty 4, it runs high-quality for roughly ten seconds after which it commences lagging. It can be one in the most common complications. In such a guide, we will dis...

24th December 2010

Game Console Review Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the console developed by the software giant and youngest competitor in game console industry, Microsoft. It has been said that this game console is very popular among gamers who prefer first-person shooting games. Xbox is currently availabl...

24th December 2010

Cheat For Xbox 360 Revealed

We must admit that there are games that are too hard for us that prevent us from getting beyond a stage or level of the game. This usually causes boredom and frustration for most players who wanted to discover what lies on the next phase of the game. The ...

24th December 2010

Tips And Tricks When Playing Call of Duty Online

One of the reasons why Call of Duty is very popular among hardcore gamers is because it allows the players to compete with other players through an open network. There are a lot of advantages of playing this game online and one is that you will be able to...

20th December 2010

10 Best Games For Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 continues to dominate the game console industry, and as a proof, all the game releases for this console always hit the top shelves. The Xbox Live is what makes this console the best. This feature allows the players to compete against ot...

20th December 2010

Top Three Game Console Review

Gaming is fast becoming the most popular form of entertainment for many people. If you are looking for a game console that will keep you entertained, this article is definitely the right one for you. I will be reviewing three of the top game consoles toda...

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