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26th April 2011

Great Ways To Use Personalised Stickers, Labels And Decals

Adding a personal touch to any item can be easy when you use personalised stickers, labels and decals. There are various ways to use them, and they can often save you time and money. You can typically customize them to suit any project or occasion, and th...

06th May 2010

Are Vellum Envelopes Better Than Double Window Envelopes?

The main purpose of the double window envelope is to show the address of the recipient on one window and the other is for the return address. Though there are many kinds of envelopes now days to enclose letters for some matters, double window envelopes ar...

23rd September 2009

There’s More to Wedding Invitations Than You Might Think

Everybody talks about wedding invitations, but what about all the other terms and items that are associated with them. Below are explanations of some of the more common terms and items that you'll probably encounter while shopping for your invitations. ...

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