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18th January 2012

The Joy of An Ex - Jewish Family & Child Services: A Full Service Department Store

Copyright (c) 2011 Jackie Ramler Mom confirmed what she had suspected for months: Dad was having an affair with his 23- year- old secretary. With pursed lips and a voice to match, Mom marched over to Jake, age 6, and blurted out, "Your dad's moving ou...

30th September 2011

Value-Added Lasting Impressions with Corporate Entertaining

We are all aware of how corporate events are an integral part of business structures in this fast paced result-oriented world that we live in today. Potential customers are targeted for promoting products and services and employees work stressful hours t...

26th September 2011

Monopoly Game Information

The popularity and negotiation strategy game that is played Monopoly and both players 12, 25, and 40 years have led to the general impression that this is a very simple game. Nothing is less true. Monopoly is one of complex board games, i...

20th January 2011


I stumbled upon this question during my recent internet browsing and thought that it would be an excellent idea to write an article to answer this question. I felt the need to write about ‘Positive Discipline’ as I am a trained facilitator of this model ...

18th November 2010

Websites promoting artists and contemporary art galleries

Online promotion of Indian art and artists is on the rise these days and not only do the famous contemporary artists get exposure through them but actually the World Wide Web has been a facilitator of level-playing field among the famous and even the budd...

06th August 2010

Difference between Interpretation and Translation

Translation and Interpretation are two terms which are commonly used and very rarely differentiated. Both these concepts are very distinctive and require a different set of skills and abilities to master. This is despite the fact that both translation and...

01st December 2009

The 5 Secrets to Teaching Your Children Financial Independence

Teaching our kids to be financially independent is easier than you may think. Because of their youth and their curiosity about the world around them - kids are like little sponges, soaking up everything they can. By keeping this in mind, you can make al...

12th November 2009

What is a 1031 Tax Exchange?

Involuntary Conversion What if my property was involuntarily converted by a disaster or I was required to sell due to a governmental or eminent domain action? Involuntary conversion is addressed within Section 1033 of the Internal Revenue Code. If y...

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