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28th July 2011

Navigating through the labyrinth of Business VoIP Solutions

For many organisations looking to upgrade or replace an aging office telephone system making the right decision is not as easy it may first appear. When defining your requirements it would seem rather straight forward. Your new office telephone system mus...

19th May 2011

Peaceful Divorce with Shah & Kishore

Mediation can help you minimize the financial and emotional costs of divorce -- despite the hurt, anger, and lack of trust that usually accompanies the breakdown of a marriage. Here are some of the most important keys to creating a peaceful divorce. "W...

01st March 2011

Utility Of Portable Event Management Tools

Attending networking and business events is something that has become an indispensable part of life of those of us in any field of service, especially in the corporate world. There are so many things that event managers and event organizers need to take c...

06th August 2010

Make your way to the top with HP2-K14

The HP2-K14 examination is one of the most prestigious ones to develop into a HP certified professional. The name of the examination is Supporting HP ProLiant Storage Server Workgroup Products. You would be asked to answer 60 questions in the examination ...

03rd June 2010

Maximize Your Call Center's Potential With Effective Toll Free Number Management

The call center business is becoming more competitive than ever, which means you must both operate more efficiently and offer a higher level of quality service than your competitors in order to impress your existing and potential clients. Of course, a maj...

11th May 2010

Lost Business Telephone Calls Means Lost Revenue!

If you have started a new business recently like me, you may find you're spreading your self thinly between tasks - one minute you're in the office, next your travelling to a client meeting and back. Do you know how many calls you have missed from potenti...

20th January 2010

Web based video conferencing - perfect solution for your business needs.

The technology which we are seeing now has changed entire world as a place for lots of business options. Especially, the internet revolution is creating enormous options several people. If anyone of your family member is living outside the country or as b...

07th December 2009

Ringcentral 800 toll free Number

It is now common knowledge that 800 toll free numbers provides business enterprises a big business image. This apart, toll free numbers lets customers to call you for free and this should motivate more and more customers to call and call you often. Quite ...

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