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16th August 2011

Is it Possible to Get Artificial Nail Fungus From Nail Shops

Is it Possible to Get Artificial Nail Fungus From Nail Shops?Artificial nails have come to stay. It is rare to find a woman who doesn’t wear it these days. This naturally follows that they are used in covering their natural toes and to make them more ...

14th April 2011


Many men today enjoy wearing nail polish, although it is usually done behind closed doors and it is their toenails they paint. In fact, if you do a search on the internet you will find many sites discussing this very topic. Today it is still not soc...

26th January 2011

The Various Things You Could Utilize In Nail Art

Nail art have already been the main reason why majority of the women have a smile in their faces. The beautiful designs keep them to have a fine feeling as individuals notice and recognize how fine-looking their fingernails or toenails are. There are a nu...

20th December 2010

Ideas on Nail care

Nail impairment is often a prevalent matter for numerous ladies therefore several crucial preventative methods, the four most typical nail troubles may be simply solved with out pricey or complex remedies. Difficulty of fragile nails - this implies you...

23rd February 2010

Foot Tattoos- How To Take Care Of Them?

Why are foot tattoos so popular? Although foot tattoos are rare, they are gaining more and more popularity because of their sensual and exotica appeal. This is especially true for women who take care of their feet starting from their toenails. Howev...

17th February 2010

Bikini Hands and Feet

Bikini wear involves more than just getting a sun tan, toning up and fitting your body into a tiny piece of fabric. It also includes taking care of your hands and feet which, believe it or not, are even more noticeable than your skimpy swimwear. Just im...

02nd June 2009

Benefits of Using Nail Polish

Most females love to decorate their nails with nail polish in attempts to beautify their hands. What most females do not know is that there are actually benefits of using nail polish. Nail polish, along with other cosmetics, can make a woman feel beautif...

02nd June 2009

Nail Polish Colors for the Summer Months

The summer months are a great time to go wild with hot, new nail polish colors. Your nails can be as free and funky as you like. During the summer, you can also stick with some more traditional colors. Each season has hot trends for nail polish color as...

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