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20th September 2011

Satellite Dish - A new way to entertainment

Satellite dish have been creating a buzz in the entertainment industry with its capability to transmit Television Channels and Radio Broadcast across continents. With a new edition of High Definition transmission, it has proved to be a great success. S...

07th June 2011

Why Has The White iPhone 4 Taken So Prolonged To Arrive?

iPhone four hardwareSignificant hardware improvements characteristic on the new cellular phone. Possibly the most amazing is the new 3.five-inch 960 x 640 pixel display, dubbed the Retina exhibit. The display has a 326 pixel density per inch which suggest...

01st June 2011


And it's virtually indestructible.The Syma S107 is enjoyment and incredibly durable, you probably cannot ask for more, this microhelicopter is sturdy and provides fantastic handles.The value is excellent for the quality! It's the best bang for the buck ! ...

05th May 2011

Reviewing The iPad 2

It has only been approximately a year since the Apple iPad was unveiled. It is a revolutionary device that ushered interest in tablet computers in both producers and consumers. Tablet PCs are now in a class of their own, and are being thought of as the de...

14th April 2011

Apple iPad 2 – is it worth the hype?

Tablets and the Apple iPad 2 – good for small business? Many large computer hardware companies have tried to lead the tablet market – from HP and Dell, to Sony and Palm – but it seems it has taken the persuasive “cool” marketing and trendsetting might th...

26th February 2011

Motorola Xoom : Can Make You Go Crazy

Motorola is one of the best mobile phone brands available in UK market known for the innovative and the smart gadgets. Now the brand is coming up with the tablet phone named Motorola Xoom which has been announced this month. It will be launched shortly wi...

22nd February 2011

Next Generation Tablet PCs

If you have been thinking about buying a tablet but did not know which one to buy this year may be the time to do it. There are some good tablets out at the moment but some potential game changers on the way. The current front runners are Apple's iPad and...

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