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18th July 2011

ShoreTel QOS on CISCO Switches?

Quality of Service or QOS remains an interesting and challenging configuration for most engineers deploying VoIP solutions. Generally you are concerned about QOS on both your Local Area network (LAN) and your Wide Area Network (WAN).Though the principle...

15th February 2010

Video Conferencing in the key for Global Business

In today's fast paced world when there are no geographic, demographic and communal boundaries, there is a need for a system which brings the world together at a common platform for communication to take place at the global level. One such system is video ...

15th May 2009

SIP Phone Brings it all Together

What is SIP and what does it have to do with the phone that you use? It is Session Initiation Protocol and it can establish sessions for features such as audio, videoconferencing, and call forwarding to be deployed over IP networks, enabling service provi...

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