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20th September 2012

Top Level Executives Pre Employment Screening Five Steps for Effective Employee Screening!

We have recently seen a top level executive pre employment screening success when Scott Thompson (Former CEO of was caught exaggerating his resume and using a fake degree of computer science. Similar story which was abandoned some years ago as...

21st December 2010

How to Paint Dogs

What you have here is graffiti. Is it ruffiti? Using construction site fences or buildings as his canvasses, one artist paints his dogs for all of Manhattan to see. These portraits of his dogs have been able to generate reactions from dog lovers and those...

21st October 2009

Stop Divorce Book

The consequences of divorce are far reaching. It touches the comfort of everyone in your family for years to come. The children of the Parents who are in the process ofDivorce, never asked to be here. Contrary to popular believe that "God gave you ...

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