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31st January 2011

Discussion on Sino-us relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

My husband and I talk about everything, we discuss very extensive topic, but the most popular topics are economy, house property, political environment, family and marriage. Her husband said he saw an article, which said Chinese people and westerners a...

07th September 2010

Is Christian Sin Possible?

"Can Christians Sin" is one of the most mystifying issues in scripture.. When I became a Christian I desired to be familiar with everything about my new life. I began reading the first letter of John one day and came across this assertion: "If we say t...

19th October 2009

Every Individual is Part of the Whole

Individualism and Collectivism as Part of the Same Desire "Let us also observe that if the needs of the individual are our starting-point, we cannot fail to reach Communism, an organization which enables us to satisfy all needs in the most thorough an...

27th March 2009

What is the Communist Manifesto

The Communist Manifesto was published for the first time 160 years ago, in London, in February-March 1848. It was commissioned to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels by the 2nd Congress of the Communist League in order to be used as its program. The first ...

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