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11th January 2013

Why Mobile Tanning Is Better Than Traditional Tanning

Have you ever wondered how you can get the same natural tan that others seem to have long-term and effortlessly? A nice tan is often connected with fun, youth, and vitality and can be very flattering. But the average person does not have time to lay out f...

11th July 2012

Ways To Benefit With Anti-Aging Products

it's very important to consider whether or not you would rather use natural anti-aging techniques or if you would preferably use top-of-the-line merchandise instead. There isn't any such thing as a Fountain of Youth, so don't fall prey to those who say fa...

20th June 2011

Strategies to Safeguard the Skin

The days have gone where men and women used low protection sun tan lotion to give a bronze look to their skin. Within the present scenario these sun tan lotions are utilised to safeguard the skin from the dangerous light rays from the sun, anyway there ar...

15th June 2011

Open A Tanning Salon With 7 Simple Recommendations

Its benefit is a a lot faster tan, and greater comfort for the duration of the tan. These beds make additional UVA and significantly less UVB for superior, safer tanningClass B: These beds also supply a quickly tan like Class A, maybe about half as rapidl...

12th April 2011

Why Your Favourite Sunscreen Could Be Killing You

I devote a great deal of time outdoors with my youngsters. I imagined slathering on a sunscreen with a high SPF rating was all I had to do to safeguard our well being and block the kinds of ultraviolet rays of the sun that cause cancer. Oops a third time....

23rd September 2010

Spray Tanning and Mobile Beauty Therapist 1

To look beautiful is the dream of every woman. With the advancement in the science and art of beauty therapy, there are many vistas opening up for women to make them look gorgeous and ravishing. Spray tanning is one such invention that has changed the way...

30th December 2009

Tan Safely with these Simple Tips

With summer time fast approaching many people are wanting to darken their pale, pasty skin and create the healthy bronze color that makes them look really great. The thing about getting the skin you want, is to be sure that you follow some very important ...

06th November 2009

Information On Sunburn

Looking for a natural sunburn treatment? You're not alone. Once a few years back I fell asleep pool side before and received a serious sun burn which left me in some serious pain. It wasn't so bad where I had to go to the doctor but I could barely move an...

02nd October 2009

Seven Beauty Tips for Bathing

By RAM in Beauty
Beauty is not only skin deep. Bathing can be done at any time of day and is wonderfully inexpensive. Sunny radiation is in big part UVB causing fast turn of epidermus into red colour. Lamps in solarium emit UVA rays, mainly reaching to deeper skin coats. ...

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