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23rd May 2011

Health rewards Of Macadamia Good Hair Care

Proper Hair Care is an all-important part of your beauty regime. Your hair is your crowning glory and it needs care in order to keep it strong and healthy. There are many proper hair care products in the promote and it can sometimes be difficult to find s...

16th March 2011

Healthy Looking Hair

By Mary in Beauty
Hair grows at around six inches a year, so healthy looking hair is the result of long term care and attention. Care taken with brushing, excellent shampoos and conditioners will go a long way to keep your hair in top condition. Now-a-days pollution an...

25th February 2011

3 Simple Secrets For Healthy And Beautiful Skin

While some people seem to be born with flawless skin, the vast majority of us really need to work hard to create and maintain beautiful skin. One of the reasons why there is so much emphasis on skin and having beautiful skin is the fact that its a symbol ...

07th January 2011

How to Protect Your Skin from the Environmental Factors Encountered in the Outdoors

Planning on taking a winter vacation this year? Don't do so at the cost of your skin. What precisely is it that mountain air does to your skin, you ask? Many factors coming from the environment can make normal nourished skin to parched and inflammed. A ch...

05th January 2011

Cure For Stressed Out Skin Now Revealed!

Dullness, dryness, mottled complexion, flakiness and roughness are all signs of stressed out skin. The problem with stress is that it affects the whole body. It triggers a chemical oxidation process in the system that leads to the appearance of harmful fr...

17th August 2010

Natural Skin Care for Seasonal Changes During the Summer

Seasonal changes can require change to your skin care routine. Each season can offer a unique set of conditions which will affect your skin in different ways. Summertime can be particularly challenging. Keeping your skin balanced can be accomplished th...

26th March 2010

Make your eyes more attractive with dual color contact lenses

Contact lenses are also called as corrective lenses which are used for correction, cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Contact lenses are placed on the cornea for correcting vision to replace glasses. They are most preferred as they are lighter and also in...

08th January 2010

A Foundation For Beauty Using Rosehip Seed Oil

only recently became known to the rest of the world. The red colored oil can be either solvent extracted or 'cold-pressed' - pressing is the really way to go, as there is no chance of any solvent residues remaining in the final product, and it is easie...

24th July 2009

Everything That You Need To Know About Framed Memorabilia

Collecting framed memorabilia could be a fulfilling and enjoyable hobby and a money spinning business alike. However, keeping these valuable collectibles intact is easier said than done. Colors or signature might fade away due to a number of natural cause...

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