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28th October 2011

Laser Hair Removal – Everything You Wanted to Know!

Laser Hair Removal Treatment – What is It? Laser hair removal treatment helps people to get rid of those hairs that they feel are unwanted on their body. Laser hair removal technique helps people to get rid of the unwanted hair on their body parts. It sh...

10th October 2011

Protecting Skin from Harmful Sun Rays

The UV rays coming from the sun on earth to a lot damage to human skin. They make quite harmful effects on skin, make your skin dark, make wrinkles on the skin and make skin tissues dull and you look much older than your actual age. There are number of pr...

17th February 2011

Tips to Improve Your Skin Tone Without Spending a Lot of Money

Women want to have clean, smooth, and soft skin, which is why we are continuously looking for ways of how we can improve the appearance and texture of our skin. However, the skin care products available to us today can cost a lot, and there are a lot of w...

07th September 2010

4 Essential Tips For Skin Care In India

Skin care in India is not quite as easy we would like it to be. Amongst the most troubling conditions for Indian men and women is dealing with oily skin. While the essentials are still necessary, you would need to take a few extra steps to deal with the p...

16th July 2010

Amitabh Bachchan Story - Interesting Things About Bollywood Megastar

Bachchan studied at Allahabad's Boys' High School, followed by Nainital's Sherwood College, where he gained a degree in art stream. He later went on to study at Kirori Mal College in Delhi University earning a degree in science. When he was in his twentie...

31st July 2009

How To Apply Blush

Apply blush to your face to resemble the natural glow of your cheeks and watch the compliments flow in. A hint of makeup blush…and you can look fresher and prettier. The trick lies in choosing the right blush color and learning how to apply blush correc...

05th June 2009

Contouring Your Face with Blush

Properly applying blush as part of your makeup routine can add so much to enhance and accentuate your facial features. For instance, if you have a round face, blush can elongate your face. If you have sunken check bones or cheek bones that are not really ...

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