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20th June 2011

Ecological Balance

Ecological Balance and Sustainable Development- Jitendra Chitnis(B.E., LL.B.) Uncertain and Changing seasons, increasing global temperature (Global Warming), Increasing water level of sea, ozone layer problem, melting down of south and North Po...

11th April 2011

Toll Free Number - Does Your Business Have It?

All business enterprises uniformly acknowledge the fact that Toll-free telephone numbers are a powerful marketing tool to attract new customers, develop closer rapport with the existing customers and generally enlarge the customer-base. The salient featur...

29th September 2010

If this isn't Genocide, War Crime, Then What on Earth is?

People from across the globe are condemning the Human rights violations of Srilankan government. And civilized society is fighting hard to establish the justice to the tamils. Killing of nearly 1,40,000 innocents, war crimes, ongoing slaughter on the jour...

25th June 2010

HTC Desire Deals : Excellent Buy

HTC, very reputed manufacturer in the telecommunication market. The handsets of this manufacturer runs on the Window operating system. The craze for its devices can be very much felt as the users desperately wait for the deals over these handsets. The mai...

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