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30th September 2011

Best Qualified Retirement Plans

By Simon in Taxes
"Planning and services that fulfill the necessities of the people Retirement plan is known as pension plan. All people in their older age get retire from their services. The pension is only given to the retired person. The process of saving the money to ...

20th June 2011

President Obamas Proposed Income Tax Changes For 2011

The marital deduction is an important estate planning tool. It provides that any assets passing to a surviving spouse pass tax free at the time the first spouse dies (assuming the surviving spouse is a U.S. citizen). However, the marital deduction ends af...

25th May 2011

How To Get IRS Tax Relief And Avoid IRS Notices

Tax relief appears a really difficult thing to find for people men and women who does not know in which and how to find it. Because of to the stress and frustration felt by taxpayers dealing with IRS tax debts, they have a tendency to disregard the likeli...

15th February 2011

1031 Exchange and Tax Advantages

A 1031 Exchange or Like Kind Exchange is defined by Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code. This code specifies that if an asset (usually some form of real estate such asland or a building) is sold and the proceeds of the sale are then reinvested in...

05th January 2011

Federal Income Tax

Once you file federal income taxes just pray to god that you are not told to pay back more to the government. You should not face any type of problems during the tax season if you have paid appropriate taxes throughout the year.Everyone wish to file his o...

01st December 2010

Finding the Minimum Income to Pay Income Tax

"The use of judicial doctrines to curtail tax avoidance is pervasive in the area of income taxation. There are several reasons for this phenomenon: central among them is that courts believe that if the Internal Revenue Code ("Code") were read literally, i...

07th July 2010

How to win against IRS levy

Ways to avoid AN IRS TAX PENALTYMost of the time, it's not the tax debt that we are burdened with but the high tax penalties and interest which has incurred. They're usually higher than what we are expected to pay and a lot more than what we can afford. T...

06th April 2010

Tax Help: How to settle your IRS back taxes

It has been observed that so many people across the county are unable to file their taxes on times.For this,there are so many reasons that why these people are not able to file their taxes on time and when it comes back tax IRS,you need to know there are ...

12th February 2010

2009 Green Tax Credits

Many taxpayers are asking Roni Deutch Tax Centers across the country about the available "green" tax credits for individuals and their requirements for the 2009 tax season. Two available credits striking a lot of interest are an electric motor-vehicle and...

03rd February 2010

Business Tax Disputes

Tax disputes are not uncommon when involving businesses, simply because the tax laws become a bit more complex than an individual's. There are many rules and regulations regarding business tax laws such as correctly classifying a worker. Although the IR...

22nd December 2009

Tips for Finding a Tax Professional to Help You to Fight against IRS

As taking on the IRS at times it's best to avail help through a tax professional for your IRS tax relief. Tax attorneys, CPAs or registered agents are all competent to get on tax issues. Whether you face a regular request for supplementary documentation...

12th November 2009

What is a 1031 Tax Exchange?

Involuntary Conversion What if my property was involuntarily converted by a disaster or I was required to sell due to a governmental or eminent domain action? Involuntary conversion is addressed within Section 1033 of the Internal Revenue Code. If y...

23rd September 2009

How To Stimulate Consumer Spending And Jumpstart The Economy

My survey produced an interesting anomaly--- several respondents felt that excessive consumer spending was the primary cause of the economic problems we face today, and that spending is not to be encouraged. But the root problem they were correctly sp...

16th September 2009

How To Create More Jobs America

My recent survey produced a variety of ideas, but most of them had these common elements: replace the Internal Revenue Code with a simpler model, encourage businesses to increase employment, and insist upon tort reform everywhere. It also brought two ...

18th June 2009

Alternative Minimum Tax 101

By kinal in Taxes
It's a pretty safe bet to say that the vast majority of folks do not have an understanding of the Alternative Minimum Tax. In this next "mini-series" of articles we're going to try to give you just an outline of it, not a full-semester course as our title...

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