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23rd June 2011

A Quote To Remember

While eating popcorn and enjoying the up-to-the-minute movies in town, you may marvel how lines and quotes of some famous movies affects everyone and that made the movie more well-liked than ever. Some of the movies made it to box office, and some of the...

18th May 2011

Prepare a Romantic Getaway to Atlanta and Cobb County

So the function week has left you stressed and exhausted - it is time for a breather! Maybe you and your other fifty percent have contemplated going away for the weekend, but are put off by higher costs and travel hassles. If you reside in the South - or,...

21st February 2011

Finding Classical Romance Novels and Authors

Romance novels have kept a lot of people believing that true love exists and they can find theirs in due time. Classical romance novels have survived in today’s generation because of their unique plotlines and the method of how they were written. There’s ...

17th February 2011

Take Home Entertainment To The Next Level With The Best Blu Ray Movies

In 2008 HD DVD finally succumbed to the blu ray disc in the format war for which would be the high definition optical disc for films. So it is only recently that is has been decided, so it is still relatively new, and film companies are only now beginning...

17th November 2010

How to Clone Gone With The Wind Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to DVD

Many people may feel shocked and pity about the recent bankruptcy of MGM(Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), a famous Hollywood media company found in 1924. The films made or distributed by it are so outstanding that we can't forget. From Tom and Jerry, Waterloo Bridge...

19th October 2010

A Fascinating Movie, Romantic Movie – Gone with the Wind

The movie Gone with the Wind is based on the novel of the same name. The book was first published in May 1936, is a drama, romantic novel written by Margaret Mitchell. Producer David O.Selznick managed to expand this concept, and Margaret Mitchell's best-...

02nd June 2010

Watch Movies of Different Tastes on DISH Network

Are you a confirmed movie lover who loves to see movie of different genre every other day? Movie watching can become an expensive hobby if you choose to watch movies in the theaters. However, with satellite TV at your home you can cut down your movie watc...

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