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25th October 2012

Must Have Towing Products

Tow trucks come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what kind of tow truck you’re driving or what kind of job you’re doing—whether you’re pulling a car into impoundment or out of a wreck—there are a handful of products on the market to make your job sa...

08th March 2011

Choosing a Cell Phone For Emergency Use

One of the many reasons people give when they buy a cellular phone is so that they can own one for emergency events. Some individuals do not need a full-time cell phone. Some might just want a cell phone to stick in the glove box in case of a break down o...

07th February 2011

LED Flashlights And Why Most Are Beneficial

There are many uses for LED flashlights, they can be used in the home, office or car. These units are designed to last a long time and perform well when they are being used. Having a flashlight in the home or car is a great idea for power outages and unex...

17th December 2009

Best 10 Activities for kids when you are out

Ever been out for dinner and the kids start playing up? I defy any parent to answer "no" to that! There are times when, as a parent, you wish you had a list of interesting activities for kids on hand. Well, here is the definitive list of activities for...

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