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10th January 2012

Spice Up Your Reading Material With Discount Magazine Subscriptions

Subscribing to magazines is a lot of fun, aside from the education, news and entertainment value that a reader can get out of reading them. It is very encouraging to buy magazines especially the numerous discount magazine subscriptions available on the ne...

10th October 2011

Photo Magnets

Nowadays, photos are mainly stored on the computer but there is always one or two photos that we just love to look at every day. However, with photo magnets you don't have to search for the perfect frame or magnetic frame, nor do you have to search for a ...

23rd May 2010

Smoothie Franchise Finds Success in Small Locations

MixStirs franchising began in 2007 offering smoothies - or "Stirs" as the company prefers to call them - for active lifestyles on the go. MixStirs franchises are primarily found in small locations with captured audience venues such as fitness centers, kio...

08th January 2010

Party Favors How To Plan Your Party Like A Pro

"You're invited…" are continuously welcome words to hear? whether it's to a barbeque, celebration, cocktail party, graduation, housewarming, women's night out or alternative special event. However, most folks assume planning a successful party takes a t...

15th December 2009

There Are so Many Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint can be defined as an estimate of the amount of carbon dioxide from your lifestyle that can be produced. To find out how much carbon footprint that you produce, perhaps you can’t predict it with exactly. Food and beverage, general ho...

09th December 2009

Treatment Plant : A Technology To Save Water

Wastewater is water which has been "used", in this case, during food and beverage processing. This used water must be treated or processed so that it meets all applicable regulations before it can be discharged, or in some cases recycled. Recently, as ...

23rd August 2009

Technical Milk Hosing: A magic wand for dairy owners

Specially formulated for dairy vacuum applications, technical milk hosing offers superior flexibility, perfect transparency, and maximum resistance to clogs and kinks. Technical milk hosing allows people in the dairy industry to offer their products to...

23rd August 2009

'Clear Dairy Tube': A transparent solution for your dairy needs'

Do you wish to streamline your dairy processes? If yes, clear dairy tube is what your dairy must be equipped with. Clear dairy tubes are suitable for storage tank transfer of milk, juices and other beverage products. They are also suitable for transpor...

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