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31st March 2011

Russell Brand, James Corden, Mark Wright and more gossip

Russell Brand says goodbye to his sex life, takes up gardening instead… When Russell Brand used to say he was gardener before marrying Katy Perry he generally meant that as a big fat euphemism; what with all the poking around in bushes he used to do - ...

31st January 2011

5 Best Smartphone Games

The 80s era saw the rising of video games with simple interface and a game plan that let you get addicted to it so much that you spent hours standing in that video game shop as few had the luxury of having it as a home facility. Although the games were...

19th October 2010

A Fascinating Movie, Romantic Movie – Gone with the Wind

The movie Gone with the Wind is based on the novel of the same name. The book was first published in May 1936, is a drama, romantic novel written by Margaret Mitchell. Producer David O.Selznick managed to expand this concept, and Margaret Mitchell's best-...

17th August 2010

Antique Brooch

Brooches have been around since as early as the 14th century B.C. The antique brooch first gained its popularity by holding clothing such as cloaks and robes together in place. Once the antique brooch was known for its usefulness as securing items, it the...

10th December 2009

Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel Jaimee Grubbs Tiger Woods Mistresses 4th Mistress

Well, the world of celebrity gossip never ceases to amaze me. According to many sources, there is an affair going on between Tiger Woods and Tiger Woods Mistress Rachel Uchitel. She (tiger woods mistress) is a known party girl, and frequents the New York ...

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