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13th July 2011

Bollywood Wallpapers are Perfect Object to Raise the Recognition Factor

It would appear to be a total absurd query to be put forward to an individual falling to any defined category of age and incur about the popularity that Bollywood actresses hold not only in a particular country but across the globe as a whole. This is bec...

13th May 2011

Big River: Huck and Jim on Broadway

It’s not uncommon for popular novels to be made into movies. Almost all of Shakespeare’s works have a corresponding film adaption of some kind, although, to be fair, they were originally created for the stage, so the transition is a little more natural. B...

17th December 2010

Glee First Season DVD Reviews - A Snapshot

Glee, the hit new TV show that first aired in 2009 on FOX, is a musical dramedy that takes us into the lives of a high school's re-invigorated Glee club. The club (who goes by the name The New Directions) is competiting in the local choir circuit and all ...

22nd September 2010

Watch Avatar The Last Airbender Online to Catch the Swashbuckling Anime Characters

When it comes to animation shows, the most important aspect is characterization. It can be termed as the back bone of the entire show. No matter how good and engrossing the plotline is, it won’t shine without the presence of appealing characters. In Avata...

18th August 2009

Rebooting Your Viewing Habit

Now here's an interesting cartoon, not only for the kids, but also for the young at heart. Reboot is one really fascinating series, as it combined a rather interesting concept with nice visuals. And with as good dose of humor too. Reboot follows the th...

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