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03rd March 2011

Portrait Photographers Tips from Portland Oregon Photographer Don Faith A Master Image Inc

Sometimes the best things to do with your digital camera is take a portrait, and the vast majority of pictures we take are photos of ourselves, people who are close to our hearts, or people who aren't known to us who've a something distinct about them tha...

06th July 2010

Tips for Perfect Painting of Landscape

Painting landscapes generally consist of depicting natural sceneries including the various elements of nature. A challenging as well as enjoyable task, landscape paintings can include everything ranging from mountains, trees, rivers, forests, seas, oceans...

14th April 2010

Landscape Photography

Most people who own a camera will take landscape pictures at some time or another. Australian landscape photography is different from landscapes in most other countries because the light is different. Wherever you go in Australia there is something worthy...

23rd December 2009

Haunting Evidence - Another Excellent Show Nixed?

There are few television shows in the last 30 years that have crossed so many vital lines from a reality perspective than haunting evidence. This show had truly the makings of a long running tv program with elements rarely ever seen anywhere else. ...

11th July 2009

What can politicians learn from bloggers

There a lot of things that politicians can learn from professional bloggers. Here are a few things to explore. Politicians around the world are constantly striving to find ways and means to get an edge over their competitors in order to get elected to ...

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