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13th June 2011

Is an Eating Program Like the Lemonade Diet program Safe and sound?

To starve your self for extended durations of time on a eating plan like this is threatening. The physique is not meant to lack meals day soon after day. It's simply unhealthy. The significant problem with this type of eating system is that you will finis...

14th April 2011

Hollywood Embraces the Lemonade Diet

The Metabolic Complex ingredients work to boost the body's metabolism to promote weight loss and burn fat. All the ingredients in the Lemonade Diet pill are natural. Lemons are a great detoxifier for the liver and kidneys. Cayenne pepper is known to help ...

23rd March 2011

The Master Cleanse Diet - Is the master cleanse safe?

The Master Cleanse diet plan is really a very simple method to slim down as well as thoroughly clean your system of toxic compounds. The diet plan is composed largely of a lemonade concoction that has lemon, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and salt. All thes...

04th March 2011

The Master Cleanse Diet: The Diet Of Celebrities

The Master Cleanse diet is able to undo years of damage to your body in one simple course of 10 days or less. The Master Cleanse diet only requires a few simple steps but they must be followed exactly for the cleanse to work. Before we get into the "how t...

03rd March 2011

Master Cleanse: The Diet Of Celebrities

Master Cleanse was invented by Stanley Burroughs who was an early pioneer of natural remedies, and believed that the body could heal itself. The results people have seen by going on this diet have been nothing short of amazing. Chronic health problems peo...

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