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13th May 2009

Industrial Environmental Compliance Laws | Industrial Waste Treatment

As industrial technology continues to grow and benefit our lives, it important to simultaneously recognise and remedy the impact that the technology in question has on the environment. Any process that leads to the creation of a product or a service also ...

17th April 2009

Nose Ring

If you're thinking about getting a nose ring, you have several things to consider. First, whether nose rings are really accepted in most jobs and social settings. Second, the cost and discomfort associated with it. Third, the healing process and risk of i...

27th March 2009

Photography in Conserving History

Everyone loves to take photos. When you take photos it defines something within you. It serves as a remembrance on your history in which you can laugh, cry, or simply makes you smile. And within this history a photograph provides a glimpse of what has h...

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