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21st August 2009

Maths for The Wayward Child

Maths For The Wayward Child. Okay, so I left school at the age of 14 years with only three `O Levels`: one for smoking, one for swearing and I daren't tell you what the third was for except to say that all the girls in our school loved me. So ... I'...

01st August 2009

How to find prank callers red handed?

Prank calls, blank calls are the ways of some people to create new sense in someone's life, How to find a caller? this question is obvious after getting the unexpected calls on your landline or cell. These calls disturb the lives of the people and often c...

29th July 2009

Make Up Training

Women always want to look their best, appearance is very important. Even though we are all told that we should never judge a book by its cover, many women are still obsessed with making themselves look as beautiful as possible. This is because our society...

24th July 2009

Pop glasses for spandy ladies

By ehco in Beauty
It is girls' nature to tart up and be an eye-catcher. I chuck away the chance to be charming; due to the damned short sight accompanied with wretched eyeglasses. I am always envious of people with good vision. However, sunglasses are in demand to protect ...

16th July 2009

Prom - How Can It Be So Exciting And So Scary At The Same Time?

As you begin to plan for prom, you may start to feel excited about this special day. You may also become very frustrated, worried and overwhelmed. How can one day be so amazing and yet so scary at the same time? As you consider the way you are feeling, re...

26th June 2009

I'm Not That Into The Whole Prom Thing - Will I Regret Not Going?

Prom is a special time in your life. Not everyone looks forward to prom, though. Does this mean that you are weird or that you are going to regret not going? Unfortunately, this is a decision that many girls (and guys) have to make on their own. No one ca...

12th June 2009

Use a Cell Phone Lookup to Screen a Roommate - It May Save Your Life

Another senseless death of a man too young to die occurred on June 3rd in Federal Way, WA. A 24-year-old was stabbed multiple times and found by the police bleeding and dying outside his apartment building. The ambulance arrived soon after, and the young ...

29th May 2009

Understanding Anti Aging

Understanding Anti Aging Are you conscious of the anti-aging process? If you are still in your early adult years, you are probably not caring too much about aging and anything that includes it. In fact, you don't experience the pangs of having wrinkl...

07th May 2009

Choosing Homecoming Hairstyles For A Magical Night

Ask any girl in high school how important homecoming hairstyles are and she will let you know in no uncertain terms. Homecoming is an important night for many people. The dance is especially memorable. The girls get to wear fabulous dresses. They get to b...

16th April 2009

Are You Ready For Prom - The Ultimate Checklist

Are you ready for the big day? Prom is an all-important event and everyone is anxious and yet excited about it. The problem is, all that excitement may cause you to forget a few things along the way. There are many item to remember for prom. The most impo...

21st March 2009

Extenso Straightening Tips

Extenso will completely straighten the hair, it relaxes the curl and makes it easier to flat iron or blow out. Extenso is perfect for super curly fine hair that hasn't been straightened before because it leaves enough of the natural lift to the hair that ...

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