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27th January 2011

Celebrity tracking Service JustSpotted and Twitter Separated

Microblogging giant Twitter on Friday announced that they are cutting the chord of celebrity tracking platform JustSpotted off from Twitter. According to Twitter, they are cutting the chord of JustSpotted off from a series of “tweets” that may possibly be...

17th February 2010

In need of help: Haiti’s Devastation after the Earthquake

It is presently the most devastating news that struck the world. One of the poorest countries that have struggled to live up with the problems from politics to health to environment has experienced damages and death. Last January 12, 2010, a massive inten...

16th October 2009

Going for Change

When Barrack Obama was elected president things the way we see it has changed for good. What people are trying to grasp as statements without proof regarding the clear obstruction on racism has become tangible by giving the presidential seat to an African...

06th June 2009

California politic

Located in the western part of the country, California is among the largest states in United States of America and is quite known for its political scenario. Being a state which is almost evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, politics of Calif...

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