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04th July 2011

Wayne Rooney, Pippa Middleton, Jennifer Ellison and more gossip

Wayne Rooney keeps his hair transplant under capsÖ Having flaunted his swollen pre-op scalp on Twitter the other day, Wayne Rooney is now keeping his head well out of the sun as he relaxes on holiday in the Caribbean. The footballer spent the day l...

16th June 2011

Greatest Children Birthday celebration Location - In case you have Your kid's Celebration At Home?

Let's be honest. It's easier to get your little one's celebration at another location. Kind you even consider getting the children's celebration your house? Here's 6 excellent reasons to throw an old-fashioned birthday party at your home.- Your kid is sh...

19th May 2011

The derriere that moved the world

Itís just over a week now since the Royal wedding and the happy couple are finally off on their honeymoon. Much has been said about the splendour of the occasion and how beautiful Catherine looked. Indeed, as a spectacle of how to look beautiful naturally...

10th May 2011

The Secret to Beautiful, Long, Healthy Hair Finally Revealed!

Do you know how important it is to have healthy hair? Hair is an extension of yourself and if your hair is not healthy, then you are not doing something right! Believe it or not, healthy hair is not just a fantasy. I grew up with a Cosmetologist for a ...

28th February 2011

Samuel Learns To Yell And Tell - An Overview

Debi Pearl has published another revolutionary book in the Yell and Tell set, this one mainly for little girls. The first book was Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell, coping with the topic of forbidding sexual exploitation in young boys. Sara Sue is especiall...

18th June 2009

Cell Phone Lookup Helps to Safely Deliver a Baby

A nine-year-old boy in rural Kansas has just saved his mother's life and helped deliver his baby sister. The family lives in a tornado-prone area and has a subterranean shelter built in the back yard, with wireless access. The father was away from home th...

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