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17th March 2011

Online recharge for business travelers

Online recharge is ideal for time-starved, busy-going people. Online mobile recharge is also a better option for normal folk. Talk time flies away with people who have post paid mobile connections. Of course, it is their necessity and business that dem...

13th July 2010

Mobile needs

Convergence of communication technology has changed and is continuing to change the way we work at a quite remarkable rate. Business mobiles were a technology that was inevitably going to be invented but there are probably few of us who could claim to hav...

29th April 2010

SMS Marketing- What is the Hype all about?

There is a lot of hype about mobile marketing and not without reason. Mobile penetration is increasing by significant percentage in the US and in countries like Singapore. There are more than 1 mobile phone per person. This works out to a mobile penetrati...

04th February 2010

Customer centricity, this is a journey and not a destination

The definition Aligning the resources of your organization to effectively respond to the ever-changing needs of the customer, while building mutually profitable relationships. You can break that definition down into three parts: 1. Aligning the re...

30th October 2009

Moving Toward Unified Communications

Take advantage of a unified communications system with the experienced help from Cross Telecom and ensure your employees are connected at every possible level. Unified communications systems have undergone leaps in evolution to match the growing needs ...

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