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26th October 2011

Camel Hair Blazers Make Excellent Wardrobe Additions

Offered in kinds that are dressy or casual, a leather blazer is appropriate to be worn just about everywhere and will include a bit of sophistication to your total appear. Available in a big wide variety of colours from simple black to shiny pink and with...

10th February 2011

William Guidry Gives You the Top 10 Most Unremarkable Sitcom Kids

We all remember Bud and Kelly Bundy, but what about the duds in this group? First, a disclaimer. I hope this doesn’t start any any lawsuits. All of the stuff on this list is only for fun and each of the stories concerning the characters are made up b...

18th February 2010

Can You Trust a Celebrity Perfume?

Some time ago the realm of perfume creation was that of the designers and specialists. There were the big names synonymous with perfume along with the other more niche varieties. That was where it ended. However over the last couple of decades two things ...

30th October 2009

Easy Fundraising Project Is A Family Style Cookbook

To create a family style cookbook is an easy fundraising project. Seriously. There is always a certain amount of organization involved, but it is not difficult, and the results can be fabulous. One reason that fundraisers use personalized cookbooks is bec...

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