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17th October 2011

Vital Ideas - The Way to Locate Corporate Entertainment

It merely takes a handful of offensive jokes by a humorist to have the guests squirming in their seats. One sure way to generate a problem with the boss and fellow employees is to get a person who's insulting to even one person at the affair. Only use cor...

06th July 2011

best things of funny life quotes

For those of you who don't know what a exhort up rummy quotes product is, let me tell you what a attribute up suspicious quotes fact actually is. It is a panduriform production that consists of suspicious quotes and additional unusual block which is utili...

15th July 2010

What Do We Do With Tired Old Cartoonists?

I was sitting at my computer, as usual, designing new cartoon products from older cartoons, and working on my shoes designs on another business, and my wife, Lee, whose desk is directly behind mine said, "Why don't you start your cartoons again?" I ki...

16th April 2010

Vote for Gordon Brown

What ever we may think of Gordon Brown he does appear to be a great survivor but I think in many ways he reminds me of a captain on a ship that has lost control of its steering,navigation and radar systems and is in fog. There are tricky waters and sto...

12th February 2010

Crossword Puzzles and Mind Puzzles

When solving a crossword puzzle, it helps to prepare yourself before you begin. Try to have a dictionary and thesaurus handy, especially if you are doing the Sunday New York Times puzzle, so that you will not be stymied by obscure words and phrases. Make ...

13th October 2009

My Favorite 10 Funny Quotes About Life sure to make you LOL

I just love collecting Quotes on all subjects. Whenever I come across a good funny life quote that make me laugh or inspiring and motivational life quote that shake me to the core and inspire me to take action, I jot them down on my computer. Later on, wh...

21st September 2009

Sony Ericsson C902 is a Classic Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson C902 differs from other mobile phones. The music player of this phone plays music in a melodious way and users enjoy its digital sound quality. Next to this exquisite feature users would love to click photographs with its 5 Megapixel camera....

29th July 2009

Buying Wholesale Mp3 Players - Opening Your Own Business in the Electronics Industry

In my years of dealing wholesale electronics on the internet, I have made aproficient handful of friends questioned me something about the "Wholesale Mp3 Players" industry and how they can go on pursuing with their own business. What some might consider a...

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