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21st March 2012

Spa With Cruises To Make You Beauty

Spa On cruises, all this thinking and designed for the passenger to pass it your best, relax, watch your health and beauty, as these are the objective pursued by these cruises. For this reason, also tend to have large gyms and areas for physical activitie...

04th May 2011

Why Use the Deep Sea Cosmetics Products?

Have you ever been to the Dead Sea? It is actually a lake and its the lowest point that you can find all over the world. The water in the sea is very salty, in comparison to the other bodies of water. The sodium chloride content is quite useful for the b...

11th February 2011

All around Solutions by Dead Sea Salts

Health researches have already proven the efficacy of the sea salts from the Dead Sea. As the name suggests, the body of water is dead because no aquatic life can thrive in it because of its high salinity. In fact, it is considered as one of the salties...

26th May 2010

Body Indulgence and Beauty Treatments from Dead Sea Minerals

Who does not know the Dead Sea products? Those with special medical features and virtues, whose name is common all over the country and even more in the world. If it is to the betterment of our skin, prevent cancer and even contribute to the body's im...

26th April 2010

Fragranceglamour Offers Beauty Products and Skincare Products

Beauty products are designed to make a woman beautiful and protect her skin from aging. Beauty products are also designed with aromatherapy purposes. Beauty products are produced by various cosmetic industries and promoted through the media. Men's beauty ...

07th January 2010

Mineral Line – Cosmetics from The Dead Sea Minerals

The benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts have been well known since ancient times. Perhaps the most famous visitor to the "World's Oldest Spa" was Cleopatra, who with her husband Herod the Great frequented the Dead Sea for the restorative properties its min...

19th November 2009

Anti Aging and Skin Peel Treatments

Cosmetic is a substance used to improve the odor or appearance of the human body. They comprise of skin-care creams, powders, lotions, perfumes, fingernail, lipsticks and toe nail polish, permanent waves, facial and eye makeup, hair colors and gels, color...

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