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07th September 2011

Presidium: Building the Leaders of Tomorrow

The Dwarka sub city in the South West Delhi can be identified with its cloud kissing residential buildings, huge and clean roads, the greenery scattered everywhere and by its posh market places. It is considered to be one of the largest residential areas ...

05th April 2011

How to Find a Good Photographer for Your Event in Dubai

Companies need a good professional photographer to cover their events, whether it is for a launch party, a press conference or any other social gathering. Finding a good photographer in UAE is not easy but here are some tips to help you. A good photograph...

20th January 2011

Dining Recipes on DISH Network Uncork the enjoyment for holidays!

Welcome New Year with some of the tasty appetizers and a variety of celebratory cocktails from Food Network chefs on DISH Network. Watch different channels on DISH satellite television provider, and you are sure to find delectable recipes for holidays, la...

01st September 2010

Business Events in Brisbane

Brisbane, Australia was instituted in 1825 by the then Governor of New South Wales, Sir Thomas Brisbane. This coastal city is the capital city of Queensland. The Port of Brisbane is bustling and has deemed itself home to a new generation of innovators and...

02nd February 2010

Brisbane Day Spa - Experience the magnificent feeling of fresh flowers

It is a great feeling to the body and the mind to experience the brilliant feeling of fresh flowers with a great ambience of those bright soothing candles burning beside you with melody songs playing. The lasting aroma of essential oils adding beauty to t...

27th October 2009

Never Pay Money to Become a Mystery Shopper

If you love to shop or eat out you may have been tempted by websites and unsolicited emails claiming that you can earn money as an undercover shopper. Sometimes unscrupulous mystery shopping promoters try to tempt people by offering meals at prestigious r...

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