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16th August 2011

Consider Lead Guitar Classes and Kick it Up a Notch

The guitar is like yeast. Nobody really is aware of where it came from. Archeologists have observed pics of stringed instruments embedded inside the walls of buildings that were erected throughout the time of the pharaohs of historical Egypt. Oh, how far ...

14th April 2011

What You Ought To Take Into Account Getting A New Amp For Your Trusty Cheap Electric Guitar

Buying the best guitar amp is often overlooked, in particular by more newbie guitar players. The target will likely be for the guitar itself which will be an oversight since it is unavoidable that the under par six string may sound good via a very good am...

28th October 2010

Where to go for left handed guitars and left handed bass guitars? Part One – left handed Explorers

These days, with more and more major guitar manufacturers ceasing to make their products in left hand as well, one might well ask the question “where do I go for left handed guitars and left-handed bass guitars these days?” In actual fact, there are de...

05th October 2009

lessons for guitar PRESENTS Classical Gas An Enigma Of Modern Music

Classical Gas is one of the most requested and most familiar instrumental pieces of all time. In an episode of The Simpsons called "Last Exit to Springfield" Homer leads the workers of the nuclear power plant in a strike to recover their lost dental plan....

03rd September 2009

Learn and Adopt More Music Teaching Tips from Guitar Teachers Websites

Have you heard about some guitar teachers' websites that provide a wider scope of opportunities that music teachers out there can venture out for both personal and professional growth? If yes, that is surely good for you. If not yet, well, I think you rea...

31st July 2009

3 Doors Down Biography

When radio station WCPR in Biloxi, MS, started getting phone calls for a song by a band from nearby Escatawpa, the staff figured it was hearing from the group's friends and relatives. But then the number of phone calls exploded. "This went way beyond just...

05th July 2009

Left Handed Guitars for Left Handed Persons

Learning to play musical instruments is always a pleasure. Generally, the musical instruments are designed and sold for the majority of people. As most of the people use their right hands to do their work, guitars are designed exclusively for those right ...

15th May 2009

How to Play Guitar Easily

Learning how to play guitar easily is simply a matter of beginning with the end in mind. In other words, one can learn to play the guitar by learning to play with ease right from the beginning. Most beginner guitarists who attempt to learn how to play ...

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